house camera

pictures / video / sound

fear_lab is a live film and a guided tour of the mind where the audience determines what they see or what they allow themselves to imagine.
Everything is live … and You have a choice.
Watch the fiction … or watch how it is made.

What do you dare to see with your eyes closed?
In the end every body is alone with their own sounds, images and stories in their own head.
The game is: “Virtual Reality in the dark“.
„Trees and houses from train set models as well as cardboard sets create the backdrop for the audience’s fantasy. Foley becomes the sound scape of the audience’s projection, transmitted for everybody individually via headphones. Text put together from political speeches, and films lets the imagination run wild in search for a story.
Low tech meets high charge.”

SXS Enterprise

April 06 Telling Time Festival, sophiensaele, Berlin
Dez. 06 Versch Festival, sugar factory, Amsterdam
Mai. 07 Berlin reloaded“ Deutsch-Tschechischer Kulturfrühling, Archa Theater, Prag
Aug. 07 Rohkunstbau, Potsdam/Sacrow
Nov.07 STRP Festival arts & technology, Eindhoven
Dez. 07 Tesla, Podewilllsches Palais Berlin
April. 08 HetVeem Theater, Amsterdam
Sept. 08 Wunder der Prärie Festival, Mannheim

Residencies at Theater het Gasthuis, Amsterdam / sophiensaele, Berlin