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The world is dark. The economy is bad. Dark forces are at hand. The world is at a dismal place. The people are crying out for a hero. But we don’t give them ONE we give them MANY.

At the beginning Super!Power! – the Rock Opera wasn’t more than a song and a dance invented by the Super!Power! team and put out on YouTube for public use. An ivitation for imiation, copy, variation, participation and co-authorship. At the end there stands an entire rock opera. YouTube Blogger from Antarctica to Argentina, from Sydney to Stockholm demonstrate together with more than 30 live performers from Berlin what Super!Power! means to them, should be or could be. Even the music of the rock opera was developed as a collective project between the band The Understated Brown (TUB) and musicians from the YouTube community.

concept Siegmar Zacharias / SXS Enterprise
choreography Jill Emerson

Thomas Altkrüger, Nina Bauer, Xander de Boer, Thomas Channell, Felicitas Conrad, Jill Emerson, Carlo Emanuele Esposito, Katja Häberlein, Boris Hauf, Steve Heather, Alexandra Herer, Benno Hörold, Laura Hörold, Yola Icho, Melanie Kahl, Natasha Katerinopoulou, Bastian Korff, Doreen Kutzke, Alexandra Lauck, Anja Lindner, Juliane Männel, Thomas Meadowcroft, Timothy Murray, Egle Obcarskaite, Vasso Polymeni, Charlotte Reinisch, Ann-Kristin Schlemm, Katharina Siemann, Kevin Spenger, Michèle Stieber, Anna Volkland, Jessyka Watson-Galbraith, Siegmar Zacharias, Diana Zolotarova

Apr. 10 Hebbel Am Ufer (HAU), Berlin
special programme in the context of „Lange Nacht der Opern und Theater“

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