You & Me together. My first ...


pictures / sound / video

You & Me together. My first …
… is a performance that tells a generic biography from 0 to 100 using first time experiences.
… is a performance about Kodak moments, memory and the mechanisms of becoming a group
… is a performance based on the imagination of the audience and its function within theatre
… is a live re-construction of a film
You & Me together. My first …
… is three performances in one

There is a first time for everything. Your first memory, your first mistake, your first lie, your first kiss, your first wet dream, your first public humiliation, the first time you regretted your first time.
Personal stories of first times, images and memories are created and revisited with the help of postcards, miniature cameras, microphones, text, and live composed music. You & Me together. My first …is unfolding step by step a collective autobiography of the performers along with everybody in the audience. You & Me together. My first … uses the different media as equal layers. Images aren’t wallpaper and sound is not a carpet. All three medias together create spaces for experiences and thouht. Like the moment of an evening with friends when the question arises: “How was your first time?...”

Co-production: SXS Enterprise, Artefact-Festival STUK, Soirée des Ateliers Leuven, Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht, Grand Theater Groningen, Alsmost Cinema Festival, Vooruit, Gent


SXS Enterprise
special guest
Monika Rinck (co-writer)

Feb .07 Soiree des Ateliers, Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht
Feb. 08 Artefact, Stuk, Leuven
Oct. 08 Grand Theatre, Groningen
Oct. 08 Vooruit, Gent
May.09 Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht

Residencies at Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht / Stuk, Leuven / Grand Theatre, Groningen