Killing the Monsters – a poor musical about real life

17 / 18 November (try out) Veemtheater Amsterdam (NL) tickets
22 / 23 / 24 November (premiere) Forum Freies Theater Dusseldorf (D)
29 / 30 November 1 December Zeitraumexit Mannheim (D)


Musicals are made in times of crises and recession. They are vehicles for escapism and hope. We are in this together. And this is why we propose a poor musical about a quest. The quest for happiness as a human condition, and the quest to make a musical together as a performative situation …every night anew.

Killing the monsters is a performance in two sections.
Since this is a poor musical we need the audience to work as the chorus of the
musical. The first section is a karaoke choir rehearsal and recording session with the audience. We will be singing karaoke versions of known pop songs and record them so they can be used in the second part.
In the second section with a few lights, self-knitted masks and a bit of plastic foil a musical will materialize in front you your eyes. The prerecorded songs of the audience/choir will be part of the score. This story however sounds different every night, as it is told together with the voices of the members of the audience.

Killing the Monsters – a poor musical about real life is a Co-production of SXS Enterprise, FFT Düsseldorf, zeitraumexit, hetveem theater, Grand Theater Groningen Funded by the joined Matching Fund NL-NRW . NRW Kultursekretariat, TheaterInstituut Nederland (TIN), with the aim to foster co-operations between Nordrheinwestphalen and the Netherlands in the performing arts). Part of the series Audiotopias funded by the Arts Foundation NRW