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A shrimp, a thistle, fluorescent minerals, humans, entanglement and wonder are the co-authors of this work. SXS enterprise ask: what if this performance was made by animals, vegetables, minerals, humans, concepts and affects? And how would I perceive it if I believed that that was the case? They employed scientific methods to get to know their collaborators and worked para-scientifically to communicate with them. They pull apart correlations creating space for a parallel universe, by cross channeling between the ‘here and now’.
Meteorologically a cloud is a product of ration and relations - water, pressure, temperature and dust. A cloud is an ephemeral and ecological atmosphere. We are choosing the theatre space as an ecology without nature: as a study of a house where activities regulate the flux of energy and matter.
Entangled objects behave as though they were telepathic. It is the capacity of an object to imagine another object.
To make a cloud will be very difficult because the mere presence of the audience disturbs the atmosphere. But maybe that's exactly what this is about. Everything disturbs, influences, makes something else. While we hold the cloud with our breaths.