Super! Power! Wants YOU!


Super! Power! – The Rock Opera is the formation of a community using song and dance. It is a
Do It Yourself Rock Opera that addresses questions of democracy and collectivity.

YOU define what Super! Power! is - can be - and will be.
Make a video.
TOGETHER we will make a rock opera.
All videos are collected online.
They will be part of a live performance of Super! Power! – the Rock Opera in Berlin at the HAU theatre in 2010.

Find your own hero deep down inside.
Tell us what Super! Power! is to you.
Show us where Super! Power! is in the world.
Sing us your Super! Power! anthem.

Use this very special time of the year to share the magic.
Your videos can be 3min max. Start sending your videos NOW!
The more you make the more prominent your line will be in the piece.
The first responses will be collected until the 30
th January.


Dance the Super! Power! moves.
Make a line of Super! Power! across the globe.

Follow the evolution of the project. What inspires and informs the development of the rock opera and what activities are happening initiated by the production team.
YouTube channel:

Upload your videos to:

Or skype it to our skypename: superpowerrocks

We’ll keep you posted and inspired.

Reclaim YOUR Power.
Join the Super! Power! movement.