Their kisses
taste of rebellion


pictures / video
We were invited to work in the DT Jugenzimmer, it is a project called Teenage Room at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. So we asked ourselves what happens behind the closed doors of such a teenage room. People snog and are rebellious.
This is a lecture performance surfing the internet. We were inspired by teenagers kissing in front of their computer camera and uploading these very intimate kisses to youtube. It is a lecture about the power of revolt in kisses, songs and manifestos written from teenage bedrooms. It is a hale to a generation of youths that uses the computer as an interface between public and private. It is their way of occupying the private sphere as public in countries and situations were the streets cannot be occupyied by them. They rise up against dictatorships, against the lack of training opportunities, the tristess of parallel societies. They gain visibility from behind closed doors. Teen spirit and youth movement from  The Internationale to Manifesto 2.0 | Gaza Youth Breaks Out expresses itself in rockmusic and the use of internet.
With text, quotes , music and projections we tell together, we interrupt each other we listen and watch what they have to say, to show, to kiss.


SXS Enterprise
DT Jugendzimmer

May.12 Deutsches Theater Berlin